Hello everyone!

I am Chris Wittkugle, an American and a Libertarian. I have been a student of politics and history since I was a small child. I am now an advocate for the ideologies of Libertarianism and capitalism– Free market economy, to be more to the point.

I also have a podcast called Outside Voice. Here’s a brief blurb about that: 

A Gen-Xer tries to make sense of the world now that he has reached middle age. His views on politics, pop culture, economics, religion and social issues make him seem out of touch . But he is convinced that it is society that is out of touch with reality. Combining sarcasm with political incorrectness and a dark dense of humor, this weekly show is his therapy session. 

I have published under the name Lejun the Unbeliever and have several videos on YouTube where I argue against many ideas. That character is a bit more abrasive and rude than I am so I have deiced to put that character into semi-retirement.

I have also written 3 sci-fi novels with the fourth and final installment forthcoming. Eventually. The trilogy can be found in my online bookstore.

I am also an amateur musician, photographer, program coder and game developer.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope the rest of your day is great!