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A galactic civil war has just ended and the galaxy teeters on the edge of anarchy. There is no fuel for interstellar space travel and many of the colonies of the Solon Impyre are cut-off from the rest of the galaxy and are spiraling into anarchy. with no food and no water being delivered, these colonies will die. Johnny Hiro is a retired fighter pilot turned junk dealer. He has been searching for the ghost ship “Amber Rose” for seven years. Now, he thinks that he may have located her, but his past has come back to haunt him. He and his crew must race against time to bring “Amber Rose” back to save the galaxy from the brink of starvation

The galaxy has changed over the past fifteen years. The Solon Impyre has fallen, replaced by a more feudal governing body known as the Octave. Johnny Hiro has left behind his life in House Napoli and lives on Humalia, a planet owned by Napoli’s bitter enemy, House Argus. His old friend Admiral Maria Stokes has learned of a plot to kill Johnny and his family and rushes to warn them. Little does she know that their old enemy, Baron Bleudthoryn, has set in motion a power play from beyond the grave that will forever change history. Can the Hiro family find a way to not only save themselves, but the galaxy as well? Or will the Scoryn Hegemony return and subjugate humanity?

Johhny Hiro is awake from his coma and finds that the galaxy no longer makes sense. His family is scattered, his body is broken and the Scoryn Republic has declared war on both House Napoli and House Argus. As he tries reunite his family, he is dragged once again into the dark realm of Baron Bleudthoryn’s megalomainia. The alien connection that he sought on Humalia may have been lost forever, but the legacy of the Lumdatti has survived in the most unexpected place Johnny could imagine. Will his future be shaped by his family and friends or by the evil plots that entwine him?